Mary Cohr Home Treatment Box : Youth Set

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2 week MARY COHR : Youth Set (846571) – 4 items

Vital Essence : Devitalised Skin 5ml

The Energising Beauty Concentrate for all skin types

Day after day, the skin fully recovers its energy and vitality.
The face looks radiantly beautiful.
The active ingredients from the subsequently applied skincare products penetrate the skin for a better efficiency.


New Youth Serum 5ml

A boost of youth for the face!

Takes years off your face!

This serum diffuses its Rejuvenating active ingredients in the skin, boosting the vital functions of cells and firming the epidermis.

The face is smoother and the skin more supple.


New Youth Cream 15ml

Revitalising youth-enhancing cream

Jeunesse cream boosts the vital functions of cells and offsets the effects of hormone deficiencies, making skin visibly younger-looking, firmer and radiant with health.

Over and above its extraordinary anti-ageing effectiveness, it recreates the elasticity of the skin.

Day after day, wrinkles fade, the skin regains tone and the face gets younger and younger looking.


New Youth Mask 15ml

Youth and radiance

In 10 minutes, the face brightens up with new life and new radiance!

As it is rich in Cellular Life Concentrate and Hyaluronic Acid, New Youth Mask revives cell activity and refreshes the face.


Soothing Cleansing Milk 100ml (893120)

Gentle make-up removal

Perfectly removes make-up and cleanses skin, leaving it feeling soft and comfortable.


Soothing Toning Lotion 100ml (893130)

Gentle make-up removal

The skin is rid of the last traces of residue and impurities.

The skin is toned and refreshed.


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