Mary Cohr Home Treatment Box : Exquisite Face & Body Hydration Care

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2 week MARY COHR : Exquisite Face & Body Hydration Care Set (846660) – 5 items

Micellar Cleansing Water 30ml

Quick face and eye make-up removal

Face and eye make-up is removed in one simple movement.

The skin is soft and comfortable.


Vital Essences – dehydrated skin 5ml

The Energising Beauty Concentrate for all skin types

• Day after day, the skin fully recovers its energy and vitality
• The face looks radiantly beautiful
• The active ingredients from the subsequently applied skincare products penetrate the skin for a better efficiency


Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturisation Cream 15ml

This beauty care cream provides cells with a non-stop source of hydration by means of “osmosis”.

Water is held in the skin on a long-term basis thanks to the Aquasmoses.

The wrinkles caused by dehydration are plumped.

The skin regains comfort and softness, throughout the course of the day.


Hydrosmose Bodycare 30ml

Long-lasting cellular moisturising cream

The skin is soft and supple.

The skin feels comfortable all day long.


Exquisite Shower Gel 30ml

Soothing shower gel

The skin is clean, soft and comfortable.


Hydrosose Mask 50ml (891380)

Intense hydration for your skin

In only 10 minutes, the skin is hydrated and the complexion radiant. Thanks to the exceptional properties of Aquasmoses, cells are moisturised and dehydration lines visibly diminished.

You will thoroughly enjoy its fresh and rich cream gel texture.


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