Mary Cohr Body Care Set (Easy Gentle Scrub 300ml + Intense Skin Softening Milk 300ml)

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EASY GENTLE SCRUB 300ml (894340)

Body exfoliator with Bamboo Particles

The 3 exfoliating particles (Loofah, Bamboo and Lotus) ensure perfect elimination of dead skin cells and rough areas. The skin is smooth, radiant and ready for skincare

Ensures maximum absorption of skincare products

• Bamboo and Lotus Powders : Even out rough areas.

• Loofah Fibres : Gently remove dead skin cells.

• Lotus Extract : Softens the skin.

• Lamesoft : Cleanses by reinforcing the acid mantle and preventing skin dryness.

Apply to the entire body, rubbing lightly and focusing on rough areas (elbows, knees, heels, etc.) then rinse with water.
Advantages of combining a shower gel and scrub: cleanse and exfoliate the skin in one simple step. Easy to apply, easy to rinse off.



Moisturising body lotion

Moisturises, softens and restores suppleness to the skin all day long

Provides the skin with a pleasant, comfortable feeling and a fresh scent

• Aloe Vera : Hydrates and forms a film on the skin’s surface, thus preventing water loss.

• Hydrosmose Complex® : Provides long-lasting hydration to different levels of the skin.

Apply daily after a bath or shower to the entire body, focusing on dry areas.


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