Eye Repair Eye Contour Mask (4 x 5.5ml)






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Eye contour mask (wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles)

In 8 minutes:
Wrinkles and lines are smooth
The eye contour area appears ‘lifted’
The puffiness is visibly reduced
The dark circles appear less visible


Apply before a specific occasion or during a week of cure using a mask every 2 days.


• Hydrolysed DNA : Reinforces the skin’s youthfulness due to regenerating and anti-free radical effects.

• Cellular Life Concentrate : Promotes cellular growth and regeneration.

• Dynalift (Sorghum Extract) : ‘Lifts’ instantly.

• Dermochlorella (Green Seaweed Extract) : Boosts the microcirculation and helps decongest the upper and lower eyelids.








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